July 23-29, 2017

The 17th Annual FANY Ride will again bike 500 miles Across New York.  We average 70 miles per day (or 35 mi/day with Sore FANY.)  Primarily a camping tour, but we also have a luxurious Comfy Camper option  and a hotel option too!  Ride with bikers who are serious about having fun.  LOTS OF FUN!  LOTS OF HILLS!  Often affectionately called "summer camp for grown-ups" come earn your bragging rights ... we usually climb 20,000'- 25,000' in the week.  Sign up and get on road SAG support, daily gear transfer, breathtaking scenery, marked routes & paper cue sheets, digital cues via Ride With GPS, a stunning souvenir T-shirt and a week's worth of fun with like minded bikers.  (Sorry, whiners need not apply.)

LOTS OF FUN!  LOTS OF HILLS!  We ride 500 miles from Niagara Falls to Saratoga simply because it's fun, and because NY has amazing scenery to explore. To us, it's all about the fun challenges and site-seeing along the route, and making new friends. FANY doesn't have traditional rest stops; instead we promote stopping at the local Mom & Pop stores along the route to support businesses in tiny upstate villages.  We consider meeting the friendly people of rural NY to be another chance to make new friends and explore. Besides, it's the polite thing to do if we're riding through their town. Don't worry, we let them know you're coming, and you'll know their exact mileage. Stopping when and where you want is part of the independent spirit of The FANY Ride.  Sign-up now.


We aren't a pledge ride, but if you'd like to make a voluntary donation to The Double H Ranch (see below right), that'd be great!  Altogether, The 2016 FANY Ride donated nearly $4,500 to the Double H Ranch. YEAH! Thanks to everyone who helped.

The Stupendous 17th Annual FANY Ride

In collaboration with

FANY collaborates with the  New York Bicycling Coalition that helps transform streets and communities throughout New York State into safer and more enjoyable places to bike.  Also, NYBC is working to clarify the legal status of e-bikes  under NY state’s vehicle and traffic law. You can make a voluntary donation to them on the sign-up form, and like them on Facebook for more info.   Be sure to check out the new NYBC  3′ Safe Passing jersey.  Be visible & be involved!



2016 Supporters

Thanks for your on-going support!


We Support

The Great Big FANY Ride will proudly contribute at least 5% from each paid registration to Double H Ranch, a not-for-profit camp that provides children living with chronic illness a chance to get away and just be a kid in an outdoor Adirondack Adventure.  In 2016, all contributions from The Great Big FANY Ride totaled nearly $4,500.  A great big THANKS to all who participated last year.    

Additional rider donations are completely voluntary, so if you feel called to get optional pledges from friends or family for all your FANY miles, you'll  help Double H Ranch do wonderful things.   Or if your employer offers a matching donation program, please consider giving on-line, and be sure to list FANY Ride on your check memo line, or in the "Tribute Information " space on the Double H on-line donation form.  Thanks so much!