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July 29 - August 4, 2018  (bike happy)

The Awesome 18th Annual FANY Ride will again bike 500 miles Across New York.  Pick options to make it your perfect tour.  We'll average 70 miles per day, or pick 35 mi/day with Sore FANY option. We're primarily a camping tour, or pick a luxurious Comfy Camper option or a hotel option.  Eat dinner in local restaurants each night, or pick the week-long dinner option.  Ride with bikers who are serious about having fun.  LOTS OF FUN!  LOTS OF HILLS!  Sign up and get on road SAG support, daily gear transfer, painted routes & paper cue sheets, digital cues via Ride With GPS, breath-taking scenery, a stunning souvenir T-shirt and a week's worth of fun with like minded bikers.  Bike happy, indeed!

The Amazing 18th Annual FANY Ride

Registration closed 11:30pm July 15, 2018

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While not a pledge ride, all contributions from FANY in 2017 totaled over $6,300.