Accommodations & Hotels - 2019

FANY "camps" in small friendly towns handpicked for the conveniences bikers desire; walkable restaurants & bars, hotels within 3 miles, and movie theaters or town band concerts or laundromats in the evening.  We "camp" at schools or community centers,  so that our group can stay together, but that means no campfires or campstoves.  Which is why we're thrilled that Comfy Campers offers a morning coffee option.


Comfy Campers

NOTE: weeklong option only

Hotel Option

As of 4-2-19  the whole week is SOLD OUT. 

There are 2 rooms left for the 2-Day Option.

NOTE:  The towel option is not thru Comfy Campers.  Use the FANY sign-up form to sign-up for the towel option.