Camping Info

Where do we camp?

We'll be "camping" in small towns along the way.   Sometimes we "camp" at schools (alcohol & smoke free zones in NY State, please respect that) and sometime we "camp" in community centers or village parks.  We don't stay in  traditional campgrounds tucked away in the woods because that would break up our group.  We like "camping" in small towns with hotels,  restaurants we can walk to, and maybe some sight seeing nearby.  Camping fees are included in the Registration fee.  Yes, there is camping for our gathering night on Saturday 7/18/20 in Plattsburgh.


Do I need my own tent?

Yes, (except see below *).  The schools we stay in allow overnight sleeping in the gym if you're too tired to put up your tent.  Cleverly called "The Indoor Option" it's first come first served.  Sometimes you'll have to wait to set-up until after we eat if we need that space for dinner. 


Be sure to pack ear plugs, then unroll your sleeping mat, and have a slumber party with 50 of your new best friends.  If you absolutely  don't like to camp, there are a limited number of hotel rooms.  Camping fees & indoor option are included in the Registration.

2020 - every night has an indoor option - but you might have to help us clear dinner before we can use the space for sleeping.

* (this is the below part)  If you don't have a tent, or if you simply want to pamper yourself, Comfy Campers rents tents complete with plush thick air mattresses and sets them up each afternoon just for you.  It's as easy as checking into a hotel, but you get the fun of camping with everyone. Luxurious!  Contact Comfy Campers directly to make arrangements.   NOTE:  Comfy Campers does not rent towel service on FANY Ride.  If you want a towel option, use the FANY sign-up form.

How does my tent & gear get to the next town?

The registration fee helps cover pleasant truck drivers that will drive your gear each day from town to town.

WILL MY TENT BE SET UP FOR ME?  They're not that pleasant!  However, Comfy Campers is an extremely pleasant luxury tent service joining FANY.  They rent tents and put them up and take them down.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!  Contact Comfy Campers directly for more details.