Comfy Campers

Awesome Service

If you don't own a tent or don't like to set up a tent after a long, fun day of biking, please contact Comfy Campers, a luxury service that maintains the camaraderie of staying at FANY camp as an alternative to going off-site to a hotel.

When you ride into camp at the end of the day, you'll find a tent, plush comfy air mattress, and chair already set up and waiting just for you.  Comfy Campers takes out the hassle and puts the comfort back in to camping, and keeps you near  the other bikers.   Contact  Comfy Campers  directly to make your arrangements with this great service.  "Ride hard, sleep soft"

NOTE:  The towel option is not thru Comfy Campers.  Use the FANY sign-up form to sign-up for the towel option.

If you're one of those who can't even think of riding without a Cuppa Joe, take heart!  Comfy Campers also offers an option for fresh, hot coffee every morning, right at our campsite.  They also offer hot teas or hot chocolate.  And get this!  Their mugs are even designed to fit in water bottle cages. This is definitely the option that keeps your week civilized.  Ahh!


They offer other comfy options too; air mattress or chair rentals to make your adventure blissful.  Be sure to check out their ala cart options.  (NOTE:  the towel option is thru FANY, use the FANY sign-up form for the towel option.)

Traveling light & need to rent a bicycle, too?

Unlimited Biking is new to FANY Ride, but not new to great service.  If you need to rent a bicycle for FANY, contact Unlimited Biking  directly, and ask about models & sizes.