Indoor Option

The indoor option is for those who don't own a tent, or don't want to put up a tent.

2020 NOTE: In some locations we have to wait until after dinner for the indoor option.

For 2020 we have an Indoor Option available every night, and its like a giant slumber party.  But sometimes you have to wait until after dinner to set-up, and we might ask you to help move dinner tables and chairs.


The indoor option is included free with your FANY registration (just like outdoor camping).  The indoor option is usually a gym floor, or inside a community center or church basement.  Space is first come, first served.  Simply unroll your sleeping bag and mat and settle in.  FANY alums will tell you it's a great idea to bring ear plugs!  Some even pack eye masks.  "Lites Out" is usually 9:pm.  


Here's the ultimate in packing light:  just bring your sleeping bag, and rent an air mattress for the week from Comfy Campers.  Simply stop by Comfy Campers each afternoon and they'll have it inflated and ready just for you.  In the morning, take your mattress back to them.  Easy as that  :-)

Don't forget!  You can rent a tent.

A Comfy Campers tent is perfect for anyone who wants private space, without bringing their own tent to FANY. Tents come in different sizes and include an air mattress, and are setup for you each day.  Ahh.