Packing Hints & Packing List

Why the 30"x15"x15" bag size & weight limits?  All bags go on shelves in the truck so they are easy to find in the afternoon, and protected in case of rain.

We aren't kidding about that 2 bag limit thing, and the total weight of your transported gear can't exceed 40 pounds.  So, bowling balls are impractical, but lawn chairs, trunks, coolers, cots, flammable fuels, camp stoves and extra bikes are definitely not permitted and will not be allowed on the baggage trucks.  (NOTE:  If you are flying to FANY, and have a travel bike box, please contact FANY and reserve space on the truck for your bike box.)

Please pack efficiently; bring only what you need! Sure we've got trucks to carry all of your stuff, but space and weight are still important concerns. Our gear truck has been carefully calculated to be just the right size if everybody follows the rules. You are limited to two soft-sided 30”x15"x15" bags (just one bag if you select hotel option) which are not to exceed a total maximum weight of 40 lbs. No exceptions. Like the airlines, we will have a test box to see if luggage is the right size. Arrangements to ship oversized gear home will be available. We have a shelf system for stacking luggage in the truck, so please no panniers, hard-sided suitcases, or backpacks on frames.  Soft sided duffel bags stack most easily in the truck. Make sure you'll be able to find your bags: attach luggage tags with your name, crochet a brightly colored yarn pom-pom and tie it to the handle, spray paint your bag a unique color, or pack a slice of limburger cheese inside.  Click here for a list of 30"x15"x15" bags avail on the web. 

Sage Advise Rear derailleur hangers are often bike specific, and the perfect size for your bike might not be regularly stocked by local bike shops.   It’s cheap insurance to order a spare rear derailleur hanger  for your bike before FANY, and bring it just in case yours breaks. (We’ve had a few riders miss a day or two of biking waiting for FedEx to deliver their specific size derailleur hangers.)

Also - Pack clothes in large plastic bags inside duffel bags in case the weather gods turn against us.

Packing List

______ your bicycle (of course!)
______ your helmet (mandatory)
______ your sense of humor


______ cool shades
______ Bicycle gloves
______ identification
______ insurance card
______ credit cards
______ Money
______ 2 large water bottles or camelback
______ sunscreen & lip balm
______ small first aid kit
______ odometer

______ GPS unit?  or phone with RWGPS?
______ frame pump or mini pump
______ 2-3 spare tubes & tire tools
______ patch kit - with GOOD glue!
______ bike lock & cable
______ snacks
______ windbreaker, rain jacket, rainsuit
______ cell phone/camera
______ few sheets of spare toilet paper  

______ red fanny flasher/butt blinker 

______ charging cables; phone, lites, GPS


______ tent and ground cloth
______ light weight sleeping bag
______ air mattress or sleeping pad
______ Pillow
______ clothes line & clothes pins
______ insect repellent
______ foam ear plugs (zzzzz)
______ a good book or e-reader
______ frisbees, fun toys
______ small flashlight & fresh batteries
______ Swiss Army knife

______ charging cables; phone, e-reader


______ travel size toiletries/soap
______ regular medications (if any)
______ Ibuprofen (it's a long ride)
______ toilet paper
______ tissues
______ wash cloth & towel (or towel option)
______ zip lock bags (keep wet things wet)
______ Woolite/laundry soap
_____   Chamois Cream/Butt Butter (!)

______ 1 pair cycling shoes, socks
______ 3 pair cycling shorts
______ 2-3 bright colors bike jerseys (opt.)
______ 2-3 brightly colored t-shirts      
______ 1 pair casual/walking shoes
______ 1-2 pairs casual shorts
______ 1-2 pairs casual slacks or skirt
______ 2 sports shirts or blouses
______ underwear, socks
______ swimsuit or sports shorts
______ zip lock bags (keep dry things dry)
______ flip flops/shower shoes

______ charging cables: flip flops (kidding)

______ 2-3 add'l tubes, esp if tires not 700cc 
______ derailleur hanger – for YOUR bike
______ spare spokes, front & rear
______ spare nuts & bolts for racks/cages
______ spare cleats & hardware
______ Allen wrenches
______ small screwdriver
______ tiny pair of pliers
______ proper freewheel remover
______ cleaning rag
(see "How to Box a Bike" for other tools)