Price & number of riders

There's room for 200 lucky bikers on the 2018 FANY Ride.  The basic sign-up fee is $375, which includes free week-long parking at either end, a stunning souvenir T-shirt, on road SAG support, daily cue sheets, painted routes, digital cues with Ride With GPS, overnight camping, hot showers & indoor bathrooms, gear transportation to next overnight town, and an ID wristband so that if we find your exhausted body alongside the road we'll know where to ship you home.*

*some additional transportation charges may apply.


Discounts are available for Charter Members, FANY Alumni, Teen Riders, Drivers, and Newbies from states not yet represented on our map.  (See map below). Other expenses include optional shuttle bus either before or after FANY, Dinner Option, Hotel Option, massages, FANY jerseys and/or shorts.  All breakfasts, lunches & snacks are on own (cue sheets identify locations by mileage).  Other costs not included in FANY fees are museum or sightseeing fees, wine/beer tastings, fresh baked pies, travel to & from FANY, and postcards home.  Great big ear-to-ear grins full of delight are included for no extra charge.                  Preview prices here or on the sign-up form.


Bicyclists from all over the USA come to bike across New York State.  We've also had bikers from Canada,  England and Scotland!  Make plans to join us!

Bikers come from far and wide to have a good time with us on FANY Ride. So far in FANY's history we've had riders from all the yellow states, plus 3 Canadian provinces. Our goal is to be able to color the whole country yellow. So here's the deal ... if your state is not yet yellow, enjoy the celebrity of being the first very person from your entire state* to sign-up, and more importantly save 10% on the sign-up fee! Simply contact FANY and we'll give you a code to get a 10% discount, and then we'll color your state yellow! You'll have made a difference in the world by helping to change our map.
* your check must have an address from that state imprinted on it, and the postmark on your envelop must also be from that state to qualify. Sorry, but we don't really care if you do have a favorite Aunt that lives in a non-yellow state that you visit frequently, that's just not worth 10% to us.