DO YOU ACCEPT VOLUNTEERS?  Does a pig bike? Absolutely! Volunteering to help with the FANY Ride is a GREAT way to be involved in all the fun without sweating on a bike, and help out a good cause at the same time.  It's a fun way for non-biking spouses & friends to share the week together.

WHAT DO VOLUNTEERS DO? There are a variety of week long volunteer positions "something for everyone" as they say. Drive SAG support, put up route markings, help make camp cozy with showers, fresh towels and the like. Each volunteer is important to make this week special. Some positions require a clean drivers license to drive a gear truck, and some require your own vehicle (gas will be reimbursed). If you volunteer as a LMT, a copy of your professional license and insurance will be required.


HOW MUCH TIME WILL IT TAKE?  We ask for a commitment of the full week. Each position has certain responsibilities to meet during the day's schedule to help us create a wonderful ride for the bikers. Most evenings are free. If your spouse or partner is signing up to ride, it's a wonderful way to vacation together.


CAN I BARTER FOR MY SPOUSE/PARTNER'S SIGN-UP FEE? Sadly, for reasons known only to lawyers and insurance people, we are not able to barter against Sign-up fees. But volunteers pay NO entry fee (even though they must submit a Sign-Up form like any other participant), and they are given the dinner option and a small per diem to cover breakfast and lunch. Perhaps most importantly these days, gas is reimbursed.  It's almost like a free vacation!


IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE A VOLUNTEER, AND STILL BIKE A LITTLE EACH DAY? Most volunteer positions are committed during the day, but perhaps it might be possible to ride after camp has been established each day.  Contact FANY with more questions.


Come meet a lot of interesting people, tour a fabulous state and help out with an awesome bike ride. CONTACT The Great Big FANY Ride to see which volunteer positions are still available.