GPS Policy

GPS units are, let’s face it, useful gadgets and really fun toys, and as such, they're welcome on FANY. Many previous FANY Riders have used them to track their 500 mile accomplishment, substantiate incline climbing bragging rights, and pinpoint where memorable FANY photos were taken. All of that makes sense.


However, researching and finding the FANY route requires an enormous amount of time. The FANY Ride Cue Sheets are copyright protected (as are cue sheets by many club rides, as are rides which are published and sold in printed books.) Bikers (and drivers for that matter) on The Great Big FANY Ride are granted a license to use the Cue sheets during The Great Big FANY Ride. The FANY Ride retains all ownership of the Cue sheets.


Posting of The Great Big FANY Ride route on any public bike ride web site (including but not limited to and similar sites) that can generate a cue sheet is not allowed. Nor is it polite. It’s called map MY ride, for heaven’s sake! You didn’t create it. So posting the route or track or waypoints or “breadcrumbs” on any public website that allows viewers to create cue sheets or turn-by-turn directions for any one day or for the whole 500 mile ride is the same as re-producing or publishing it, which again is not allowed.


Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. A new statement agreeing to the above will be added to the Release Form signed by riders at the start of FANY.


We hope you’ll understand. Come have fun, enjoy our route, but don’t publish it. If that’s a deal breaker, please contact us immediately, and we’ll fully refund your ride.

GPS files for 2020

We're pleased to offer our registered bikers free Ride with GPS files.  These files work great on GPS units, but there's also an exciting great app that let's you use an old smart phone as a GPS.  You don't even need a fancy, schmancy GPS unit.   As always, FANY will still generate our excellent paper cue sheets with all the famous travelogue information they contain, but these digital files are an exciting new addition. 

Ride with GPS is a free app with basic features.  The FANY Ride club account lets you use the upgraded features on FANY routes.  TaDah!