Ride With GPS digital files.

The Great Big FANY Ride will offer "Ride With GPS" files.


If you've always wanted to follow voice cues on FANY, but don't own a fancy, schmancy GPS unit, now you can!  If you have an old smart phone kicking around, down load the free Ride With GPS app, and then TaDah!  The FANY Route files will include turn-by-turn voice direction, which is an upgraded feature of the free app.

Actually, you don't even need an old  smart phone if you want to use your current one.  One of Ride With GPS' strengths is that it barely sips battery life.  (however, packing a spare battery might be prudent until you know how Ride With GPS affects your smart phone.)

  1. First download the FREE APP on your smart phone (which doesn't include voice directions).
  2. Second, as the date gets closer, FANY will send an invitation to JOIN.  (More details TBD.)
  3. Finally, when connected to WiFi, download & save the FANY files to your phone. 

NOTE:  road noises sometimes make it difficult to hear the turn-by-turn GPS directions.  If you're planning to use earbuds, remember that NYS Bicycle Laws limits bicyclists to only one earbud while riding, to be sure that one ear is available to other sounds for safety.  Makes sense!