Cancellation Policy

If you have work or health concerns that might prevent you from completing FANY, please consider purchasing optional Trip Insurance on the BikeReg sign-up form.

updated 11/29/17

All requests for refunds must be made by e-mail to The Great Big FANY Ride.

Before March 15, 2018  we'll refund 100% of all your fees, minus a $35 processing fee.

After March 16, 2018  and until June 30, 2018 we'll refund 50% of your registration fee, towel option, dinner option, Sore FANY option and 25% of your bus fee.  If you ordered a jersey, shorts, bibs, or arm warmers  you have up to 3 options:

1- if the order hasn't been placed we may be able to cancel your order, and refund 80%.

2 - if the order has been placed you may opt to have us try to sell it during the FANY Ride.  If we can sell it during FANY, we will refund 80% after FANY Ride.  If we can't sell it during FANY, we'll default to option #3 after FANY.

3 - if the order has been placed you may option to have us mail you the  jersey, shorts, bibs, arm warmers for $8. shipping and handling

After July 15, 2018, no refunds, except possibly jerseys, shorts, bibs and arm warmers, as detailed above.  We have to make commitments to all of our vendors, who had to make commitments to their vendors, and so on.

Sorry, but there are no exceptions.  If health or job concerns might possibly be an issue, please consider purchasing TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE.  Trip cancellation Insurance is available through your local travel agent or on the web.