SAG wagons & children

WHAT'S A SAG WAGON? SAG wagons (Support And Gear) will drive the route looking for riders who require a heavy duty air pump, water, general encouragement, or need to purchase tubes.  Or in the case of severe mechanical or physical breakdown, a lift to the nearest bike shop or camp. A basic first aid kit is in each SAG wagon, but medical emergencies should call 911. Bikers who start a day in cold or rain gear can put unnecessary layers in the SAG wagon while out on the route.  The SAG wagon will make scheduled stops at the mid-point of each day (see Sore FANY option to bike only the 2nd half of each days's route).  Of course we'll pick you up if you need a lift, but you'll get the best sense of accomplishment if you train and are prepared to complete The Great Big FANY Ride, which will average about 70 miles/day. The last SAG wagon of each day will sweep the route at 6 p.m. Bikers still on the route at that time will be required to get in the SAG wagon for a lift back to camp.   Please note that our SAG wagons are not yellow and do not have a "TAXI" sign on top.  SAGs are for the safety and benefit of the whole group, and not for personal errand runs or pizza delivery.  When possible taxis phone numbers are listed for the small overnight towns we stay in.


CHILDREN - Can children Sign-Up for The Great Big FANY Ride?

We like children, honest!  But because FANY is challenging, children under 13 are not welcome to bike on FANY.  Children 13-17 who train for the ride and bike must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who will also bike. So that said (and it was a mouthful) athletic teenagers biking with a biking guardian are certainly welcome.

Some families have come on FANY, where 1 spouse is a biker, and the other spouse signs up as a driver.  The driver & children drive during the day exploring New York, and camp with the biker at night with FANY.  It's a fun way to share the week with your young family.  If you'd prefer a tour to bike with your children or beginning cyclists, you might want to check out family options from Erie Canal Bike Tours.