Hotel Option

Will be Updated for 2018! -


For those people driving to Saratoga early to take the optional bus out, or for those who want to stay after FANY ends in Saratoga, Skidmore College will be  making dorm rooms available for rent both before & after FANY.  Reserve your dorm room and then spend a little extra time seeing the horses or music that makes this fantastic town just so darn popular.  Here's the direct link to Skidmore.


2018  HOTEL LIST will follow below  -


If you're not a happy camper, here's a way to enjoy the fun challenge and beauty  of FANY while avoiding the whole tent stakes, sleeping bag thing:

LUGGAGE TRANSFER - Hotel Option luggage will be delivered to only these hotels on the FANY list (see below).  Since the hotel option eliminates the need for a tent, sleeping bag, etc. the hotel luggage transfer option is limited to one (1) 15"x15"x30" suitcase.  Luggage will be delivered to the hotel by 2:00pm each day & left there for your pick-up.  In the morning, luggage must be back in the hotel lobby by 8:00am to be picked up by the truck (but you can check-out of the hotel whenever you wish.)   Luggage transfer is only included with the purchase of the Hotel Option on the sign-up sheet. 

HOTEL LIST - Please use the list below to make your own reservations directly with the hotels for each night.  You are responsible for the advance deposit (if appropriate) and overnight room costs, as well as any cancellation fees (if appropriate).  You can leave this list of contact info with your friends and family while you're on FANY.   When we have filled the rooms available in any one town, the Hotel Option will appear as "Sold Out" on the Sign-Up form.  FANY is offering this list as a convenience, and is not responsible for the hotel services, nor for any expenses you may incur while a guest at the hotel.  Sign-up for the Hotel Option on the  Sign-up form. Luggage transfer will only be to hotels on this list for bikers who purchase the Hotel Option.


INDOOR OPTION - If you're reading this page, you probably aren't a true fan of camping.  Please note that in 2016, for every night EXCEPT Saturday 7/23/16  in Niagara Falls there is an indoor option. First come-first served, you can unroll your sleeping mat & sleeping bag and sleep among +/- 50 of your new best friends.  No tents allowed indoors, and bring ear plugs! The indoor option might be a school gym or a community center.  We might need to ask you to help us move tables out of the way after dinner is served.  But it's a way to be inside if it's raining, or to avoid setting up your tent, and it keeps you in the camaraderie of the campsite.  Bring your tent for Saturday in Niagara Falls, and just in case you can't find some floor space.  No extra charge for indoor option.


TYPES OF HOTELS - Because The FANY Ride seeks to highlight the scenic back roads and small communities tucked away in upstate New York, we deliberately avoid urban areas.   Translation?  Selecting an almighty awesome route was our first priority, and after that we worked to find nearby hotels.  We’ve put together a nice list of comfortable rooms along our adventure.   Some are Mom & Pops, some are national chains with pools (be sure to bring your bathing suit) and some B&Bs offer breakfast, (but may delay your start in the morning).   You get the idea; each night will be a little different.  You’re responsible to make your own advance reservations from the list of hotels provided by FANY Hotel Option.

HOTEL LOCATIONS - Most hotels are between ½ mile and 3.5 miles from the camp site.  The hotel option will include additional cue sheets with the location of each overnight hotel.  There is no shuttle service to the hotels.

HOTEL OPTION & DINNER OPTION - The FANY Ride started as a camping tour, and remains true to its roots.  A special camaraderie develops when everyone winds up in the same place at the end of a day’s ride, and brags about the killer hill they climbed (or walked) and revels in the same stretch of perfect back road.  So camp is the primary location, and the dinner option and massages are only offered at the campsite, between ½ mile and 3.5 miles from the hotels.  Hotel people are encouraged to sign-up for the dinner option, as a way to mingle with other FANY Riders, but there is no shuttle between hotels and dinner.  Taxi phone numbers (when available) will be listed on the cue sheets.  Dinners will be served at the camp at 5:30pm (during FANY sun set is approx. 8:45pm.)  Hotels are usually near other food options.

PAYING FOR THE HOTEL OPTION - The rooms will be booked directly by you, in your individual name(s), and you will need a major credit card to check in at each hotel.  You will be responsible for a deposit (where required) and will pay the hotel directly for your own lodging. The FANY hotel option is for luggage transfer of 1 bag, a convenient listing of all hotel contact information, and additional cue sheets with detailed directions to the hotels. 

ROOMMATES - Do we look like Cupid?  FANY does not pair up singles seeking roommates to share hotel costs, however we will assist you in sending out e-mails to FANY bikers if you wish to try to try to find a roommate for the week. 

HOTEL CANCELLATIONS  - In the event that you must cancel your own week long hotel reservations, you will be held to the hotel's cancellation policy.  FANY will assist you in sending out e-mails if you wish to try to resell your room for the week, but FANY will not be liable for your hotel cancellation costs (if any.)