Dinner Option

The Dinner Option is served at camp Sun-Fri (or Wed-Fri on the "Half Week" option)  by a caterer local to each overnight town.  It's a convenient and tasty way to enjoy dinner alongside other FANY Riders if you're too tired to bike or walk into town (or heaven forbid, if it's raining).  We offer a vegetarian option, NOT GUARANTEED to be either vegan or gluten free. Cheese and/or pasta are frequently involved. 


But we also know that some people prefer to explore local eateries, either out of a sense of pure discovery/the thrill of the hunt, or control over budget or menu as in the case of requiring absolute gluten free.  So Dinner is offered as a weeklong Option, not bundled into the sign-up fee. 

Slightly more than 1/2 of bikers sign-up for the dinner option at camp, and slightly less prefer to forage on own.  That means either way you'll have a good chance of finding someone to eat with.  When possible, the cue sheets list a few local places that'll deliver to camp, or taxi phone numbers (that is IF the towns have taxis.  Believe  me when I say we're staying in cute small towns.)

Is there morning coffee ?

Yahoo!  Comfy Campers will offer a coffee option in the morning - as a week-long option (not daily). 

Contact them directly.


Are breakfast & lunch included in dinner option?

For that price? Are you kidding? Breakfast, lunch and snacks are available for purchase in the small towns we pass through, and exact mileage locations and hours of operations are well-identified on the cue sheets.

We like supporting the small communities of upstate New York.  But if you prefer not to forage for supper each night,  our dinner option, (above)  is at  camp each night that we ride.

FANY doesn't have rest stops?  Really?

Really.  In keeping with FANY's independent spirit, we prefer to support the local Mom & Pop stores in the tiny towns we bike through. We also think that it's polite to support them. So the cue sheets identify cafes, restaurants and snackage opportunities along the route, usually every 12-15 miles.  Come meet the fine shopkeepers of upstate New York; it's so much more fun than eating the same energy bars all week from a card table in the middle of a field.