Getting To & From FANY

Almost all of the good looking FANY Riders will gather on SATURDAY, July 28, 2018 at our starting location.  You can park your car at either the start or end of FANY, and take an optional bus (see below).  But if you plan to arrive on Sunday, 7/29/18 the day we really start riding, please arrive by 7:00am.  Amtrak and airports are near either end, with local transportation.

Want to join FANY mid route?  Here's a new bike shuttle service that makes it possible.

Where does FANY start?

We start biking from the western end of NY (and bike easterly to Saratoga Springs.)  Most people will travel to the start on SAT, 7/28/18 ( FANY will officially begin riding the next day, Sunday.)  Maps to the starting location in East Aurora will be included in your Riders Packet.   (Yes!  We have camping arrangements for Saturday night before FANY officially begins.)

Flying to FANY

If you'll be flying into the Buffalo airport, here's a list of Buffalo - Niagara Falls ground transportation options. The Buffalo Airport is about 22 mi. from our start in East Aurora.   If you don't want to fly with your bike, you can pre-ship it to Blue Sky Bikes in Saratoga, before FANY (see pre-ship bikes).

After FANY you can fly out of the Albany Int'l Airport. (+/- 30 min drive from where we end.) Local cabs are available to get  from Saratoga to the Albany Airport.

Flying into FANY?  Pack an extra pair of bike shorts & extend your fun in our neck of the woods.

Driving/ Bus option

You can drive to the start, leave your car there for free during the FANY Ride, and take an optional bus back after the FANY Ride, - or - you can drive before FANY to Saratoga where we end and leave your car there for the week, and take an optional bus out to the start. Use the Sign-up Form to reserve Charter Bus seats. Be sure you reserve a seat for the right day (out from Saratoga SATURDAY  7/28/18, return back to where we start 8/4/18)!  

(NOTE: We apologize that the return bus after FANY is more than the initial bus going out, however it's a math thing.  Traditionally more than four times as many people take the initial bus.) 

Luggage goes under the bus, and bikes are stood inside the big truck that will become our gear truck for the week. FANY rents moving blankets to throw over the bikes, and tie each row of bikes in place. Some bikers also buy foam pipe insulation at any home supply store, and cut it to length to slip over their bike frame and fork for extra protection. (see below)


Riders may take Amtrak directly to Buffalo/Depew station on SATURDAY July 28, 2018  - which is approx 14 miles from our start in East Aurora.  Make your own Amtrak reservations.  If you take Amtrak, you may possibly need to pre-ship your bike since some Amtrak trains don't accept bikes.  (See pre-ship bikes.)   Thankfully NYBC is working hard to lobby for bikes on trains!  

After FANY, the Saratoga Amtrak is about 3 miles from where we end, but offers a limited departure schedule.

The Albany Amtrak is about 45 minutes away, but offers more frequent trains.  Local cabs are available to take you to the Albany Amtrak station.