Saturday's Route & ending

Sat. 8/4/18 -  Johnstown to ending in Saratoga  42 miles (or 64 mi with Hudson River opt.)

Say it isn't so; our last day already! 

We finish our ride in Saratoga Springs, famous for it's "history, health & horses."  Taste the mineral waters that made the spas famous, or stroll among the Victorian architecture.  You simply won't want to leave this bustling little town!  If you plan to stay in Saratoga after FANY, be sure to make hotel reservations ASAP because people come from all over the world to bet on the ponies at the world renowned  Saratoga race track.  (see below re: renting a dorm room at Skidmore College)  Or if you parked your car back at the start of FANY, be sure to sign up for our optional bus to take you and your bike back.

For map readers or GPS owners, Saratoga isn't actually on the eastern edge of New York State.  So for those want to bike to the Hudson River, or for those who just don't want FANY Ride to end, there is an optional 22 mile loop to the Hudson River village where the British surrendered the Revolutionary War.


Whew!  Who'd ever think you could see so much in one week on your beloved bicycle?


If you're not ready to drive back to the real world just yet, plan to stay the night in a Skidmore College dorm room.  Stay in town and see the horses race on Sunday. Also, the Philadelphia Orchestra will be in town that night at SPAC

(route may be subject to change)

NOTE: The optional bus departs Sat 8/4/18 at 2:00pm, ETA East Aurora +/- 7:30pm