Sunday's Route - our 1st day of riding

Sun. 7/29/18  - East Aurora to Geneseo,


Since this is our first day of riding together, plan to wear a jersey from your club (if you belong to  one) or a jersey from your favorite brewery or your favorite country, etc.  Jerseys make great conversation starters & are great to meet others.


What a great start for the tour!  Today's route features "Highs & Lows."  Less than 10 miles from camp we'll start seeing wind turbines.  NYS was ranked 11th in the US in installed wind power capacity, and the wide open Big Sky of Wyoming County is home to 4 wind farms, more than any other county in NYS.


After an optional lunch in Warsaw head to Letchworth State park, where the Genesee River has carved a gorge as deep as 550 feet in some places.  USA Today readers voted Letchworth "The Best In The Nation" so we'll ride more than 14 miles in the park.  Pack your bathing suit and swim (modest fee) in the pool there, less than 10 miles from the end.


We'll camp in Geneseo.  If you arrive in town early explore the Roemer Arboretum at the college.  The Rivieria Theater shows classic movies for $5.00 as well as other movies and concerts (check their calendar.)  Local restaurants on Main Street are 1/2-1 mile from our campsite. Cyclepath Bike Store will be open Monday.


71.4 mi (no shortcuts)

(route may be subject to change)

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