Thursday's Route

Thurs. 8/2/18  - Hew! Hamilton to Herkimer

68 or 61 miles


New! - It's our "double H" day - riding from Hamilton to Herkimer.  We'll start our day climbing (surprised?),  and will be handsomely rewarded in the afternoon.  Today's route revisits a different time.  In the morning we'll ride past horses & buggies and stone houses.


Richfield Springs has several food options, and then leaving town, who can resist a photo op with a purple giraffe?


Continuing past the decision point to NYS DEC VanHornesville Fish Hatchery raises rainbow trout to stock lakes, ponds and streams.


Then, out of nowhere, the gold domes of the Russian Monastery rise above the trees, and men in black robes walk below them.  We will NOT be allowed in the gates wearing shorts, but we will be allowed to take pictures of the outside.


After the monastery, we'll see giant wind turbines more than 12 miles in the distance appear tiny.  But they're actually 350' tall, and we'll ride through the wind farm tomorrow morning.  The rest of this afternoon is almost all downhill for 8 miles.  It is an amazing day's ride!


We'll spend the night in the village of Herkimer, on the north shore of the Mohawk River.  If you arrive early book an optional Canal Cruise for a 90 mi. narrated tour.  Loose your tent stakes? 

Do you yearn for pants that unzip into camp shorts?  Check out Herb Philipson Outfitters


Herkimer Bike Shop:  Dick's Wheel Shop


68 or 61 miles  (route may be subject to change)