Bob's Great Log

Newly updated for 2018.  Lucky for us Bob's done it again!  He has generously shared his excellent 2018 training log with FANY Riders.  This year's  log allows you to also visualize hours spent swimming or in spin class or as you  train indoors.   It logs your weight and automatically  tracks calories burned when you select up to 70 different activities (even dog walking and kayaking).  Lots of cool graphs.

Bob Duncan, a FANY alumni several times over, veteran of countless other long bike rides, borderline techie and all around fine fellow, has developed an easy-to-use Training Log, and wants to share it to inspire FANY Riders for free.   He includes instructions so that you can personalize it just for you!  Download the XLSX spreadsheet to your PC or Mac so that you can chart progress toward your own goals.  (NOTE: the link launches the file in a DropBox account - some office computers block DropBox.) 

Get those miles in, log them, and by this year's FANY Ride you'll be in great shape and generate a really cool graph like the one above, where FANY plays havoc with the vertical scale. 

Say it with me now, "Thanks Bob!"