Here's a peek at FANY's reasonable prices so you can budget; use BikeReg to sign-up.


++++  FANY Ride Prices 2017 - PARTICIPANTS - (OPTIONS follow below)    ++++

++++ Please NOTE: Midnight June 10 - $25 Late Registration begins ++++


 ADULT BIKER - $350  - Adult week-long biker(Share the fun! Get 4+ more Adult Bikers to sign-up and then get a Group/Team refund of 10% for each member of your group. See your BikeReg Confirmation for a code to share with your friends or club.)  Included in basic registration is camping, daily on-road SAG support, marked roads, cue sheets, digital route available on Ride With GPS, gear transfer to next overnight town, a stunning souvenir T-shirt.

  • HALF-WEEK ADULT - $250 - new option for 2017! use a new shuttle service to be able to join FANY Wednesday in Hamilton, and bike the second half of the route to Saratoga. Use coupon code "WEDNESDAY"

 TEEN BIKER - $225 - 13-17 years old, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout entire week. (FANY is too strenuous for most children under 13).


 FANY ALUMNI - $300 --  “Alumni” is Latin for bikers who have ridden at least 1 previous FANY.


CHARTER MEMBER - $150 Charter Members are those brave ones who biked the first 2001 FANY


DRIVER - $100 - Drivers are anyone who accompanies a biker for the week in a car. Drivers can camp with FANY, get a T-shirt and cue sheets. Drivers are on vacation, not Volunteers that help support FANY.


VOLUNTEER - $0  - Volunteers are fabulous people who help FANY run smoothly all week. (Contact FANY for available positions. Small per diems and gas expenses are available to Volunteers. It’s usually not possible to bike while being a Volunteer, but it's a great way to share a week with your biking/ non-biking spouse or partner.)



++++  FANY Ride Prices 2017 - OPTIONAL COMFORTS & CONVENIENCES  ++++


SORE FANY OPTION - $50  -  A scheduled SAG ride to the mid-point of each day, reducing mileage from 70 mi/day to +/- 35 mi/day.


TOWEL OPTION - $35 -  A fresh clean fluffy towel avail in the afternoon Sun - Sat, turn it in each morning.


DINNER OPTION - $145 - A catered dinner from a local caterer or restaurant, served at camp Sun-Fri. Select either regular or vegetarian. (All breakfast & lunches on own, possible locations listed on cue sheets by mileage.)

  • HALF WEEK DINNER OPTION - $75 - The same yumminess at camp Wed, Thurs, Fri.

HOTEL LUGGAGE OPTION - $70 -  Delivery of one bag each afternoon to the overnight hotels listed for FANY.  (NOTE:  make your own reservations directly with the hotels on the list.  Cost of hotel rooms not included in this bargin luggage option.)


OPTIONAL Bike Pick-Up at Blue Sky - $20 -  A convenience for those who fly directly to Buffalo, or take Amtrak to Niagara Falls, NY & want to pre-ship their bikes. FANY will PU bikes on 7/22/17 and bring on FANY bus to Niagara Falls. (Note: International flights often allow bikes to fly for free, and others who are comfortable packing & reassembling their bikes are not required to pre-ship.   Another Note: if you are assembling your own bike, please alert FANY to reserve space for your bike box on the truck. Final Note: bus riders do not need this option, their bike will be included on bus.)


BUS OPTION - Pick the correct date / correct direction:

  • Bus OUT to Niagara Falls, before FANY, Sat 7/22 at Noon, arrives by 6:pm - $90
  • Bus BACK after FANY, Sat 7/29 at 2:pm, arrives +/- 7:30pm - $125

COMFY CAMPERS OPTION -   A luxury tent service traveling with and supporting FANY.   Make your own reservations for their tent or mattress rentals or daily morning coffee service directly with Comfy Campers. "Ride Hard, Sleep Soft"