5/9/18 - Volunteer SAG Drivers needed.  SAG drivers are the heroes who drive the route each day, offering floor pumps, water, etc. to bikers in need.  Or sometimes they offer a lift to the nearest bike store or camp.  Options available to bring a car companion for the week, or a biking buddy to drive SAG every other day and bike every other day.  Contact FANY for this fun way to experience FANY.

2/23/18 - Shuttle bus for Half-Week option confirmed.  If vacation time is short, ride the 2nd half of FANY.  A special shuttle will take you directly from Skidmore College to meet FANY in Hamilton.  Enjoy three awesome days of biking and end up right back at your car.  Come, bike happy.

2/1/18 - take a look at our 2018 route and get ready to smile!  It's got some exciting new stretches that reconnect to some favorite roads, and it's simply Awesome.  Come, bike happy.

1/4/2018 - Bob has updated his Great Log for 2018, and is sharing it with us for free.  Use it to keep track of all your training miles and activities.  Click on the chart for more details. Say it with me; "Thanks Bob!"

2018 Registration is open Dec 1, 2017 - bike happy!