What's this about Faux FANY?   A Stay-cation?

Faux FANY – Because FANY has become a family reunion for so many, and because many of us have already scheduled vacations around FANY, and because most of us ride best when training for a specific goal, we propose to continue to plan and train for Faux FANY July 19 – 24, 2020.  Whether or not you've actually already signed up for FANY doesn't matter!  Following the FANY Ride  route description make plans for a Stay-cation at your house, and use Bob’s Great Log to accumulate training miles and actually log your mileage during Faux FANY.  It’s kind of like a photographic scavenger hunt by bicycle. Join the  FANY Facebook for free, and then post daily photos from your ride.  We’ll stay united in this challenge, apart.  Set your goal to achieve at least 300 miles during the week and possibly up to 500 miles.  It’ll take a little planning on your part, but hey!  Who knows the routes around your house better than you?  You still have 10 weeks left for training, and to find your perfect Faux FANY routes. C’mon and join Faux FANY for free and accomplish what you had originally planned.

Sat July 18 – was to be our gathering day.  Set-up your tent in your back yard, or your dining room if you don’t have a yard.  We were planning optional 20 or 40 mile warm-up loops, so one of your usual training rides might be perfect today.  Plattsburgh has the largest fresh water beach in America, so maybe you’d rather loosen up with a kayak ride. Valcour Brewing is housed in army barracks connected with the War of 1812 and would provide, as Ed says “Liquid Carbs.”  Be sure to carbo-load one way or the other this day.

Sun July 19 – for our 1st official day of riding we were planning 50 miles that featured following the shoreline of Lake Champlain and crossing into farmlands.  See if you can plan a route along a lake or river or stream, or to a community swimming pool.  Is there a Farmer’s Market nearby?  If you can’t create a 50 mile route from your house, plan an awesome 25 miler, return home for lunch, then rinse lather & repeat.  We planned to celebrate completing Sunday’s ride on the porch of Ledge Hill Brewing Company overlooking Lake Champlain.  Be sure to stock your fridge with a local microbrew to fittingly toast your achievement at day’s end.

Mon July 20 – was to be 50 miles of history, and our day of most climbing.  Is there a historical fort or mill you can ride to?  How many historical markers can you connect in 50 miles? Or, what is your hilliest 50 mile route? Today’s route also included a ferry ride. Bonus points for a photo of your bike on a ferry!   Post a photo on FANY Facebook of you in a FANY T-shirt or FANY jersey or your bike in front of something old (I’m not sure if your Grandmother would agree to pose with your bike)

Tues July 21 – the original plans for 50 miles through Slate Valley and a covered bridge make planning this Faux FANY day interesting. Does your town library have a slate walkway?  Can you find a barn with a slate roof?  Bonus points for a covered bridge with a slate roof. :-)   Does the next town over have a bakery or yarn shop called “The Covered Bridge Shop”?  Tuesday was also our Century option.  Ride your 50 mile route twice for Century credits.  We were to have stayed overnight in Cambridge, home of the Argyle Brewing Taproom.  This great microbrewery doesn’t ship, so please support your own local brewery and plan to celebrate today’s ride with something similar to Argyle Brewing’s “Rough and Ready No.2”.   

Wed July 22 – It’s another water focused route!  Today’s 70 mile route went past 6 different bodies of water. Plan a route that loops around ponds or follows streams.  Perhaps you can find a road called “Lake Road”.   Bonus points if you bike past “oreo cows”  (an ancient breed of black cows with a white band around their middle).  We were to have camped on the shore of Crystal Lake, with afternoon swimming just steps away from our tents. After that the cash bar in the open-air pavilion would have had plenty of seating overlooking the woods and lake.  Eating dinner outside tonite would be the perfect celebration, especially if you had planned on the 4-Day FANY option.

Thurs July 23 – If you’re joining us for the 2-Day option, welcome!  Today was to be “Art Day” with  galleries in Hudson, the homes of artists Thomas Cole and Frederic Church, and the cat sculptures through Catskill.   Plan a 50 mile route to include an art museum, or a town with many outdoor sculptures. Bonus points if your route goes across a river.  This was to be our last overnight together, and the aptly named Pig Bar in Saugerties seemed to be a logical place to celebrate that.  Best known for it’s burgers, martinis and mussels, plan your own celebratory dinner based on their menu.

Fri July 24 – Our last 40 mile day together included historic stone houses and the heights of two old railroad trestles or bridges.  Can’t find an old stone house?  How about a road called “Stone Road”?  Can’t find a soaring railroad trestle?  How about a train yard?  Or a hobby train store?  Or a bridge or highway overpass, ideally above a river?  You’re a biker; you’ve got this.

That’s it; Faux FANY!  We will have achieved our revised goals!  Post your before and after pictures showing mileage on your bike computer on FANY Facebook.  Post your charts from Bob’s Great Log.  Post a photo of lifting your bike in celebration.  We won’t get to actually ride together, but as the FANY Family we can encourage each other to achieve the challenge we originally set for ourselves.